Costa Rican Cubensis

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Costa Rican Cubensis
Costa Rican Cubensis

Costa Rican Cubensis Shrooms in Europe.

Shrooms from Costa Rica for sale in Europe. Psilocybe cubensis is a naturally occurring cultivated variety that goes by the name Costa Rican cubensis. Despite the fact that Costa Rica is a tropical nation, gardeners should be conscious of the fact that this variant was found at a high height and is suited to colder temperatures. The strain’s spores are freely available, however there aren’t many non-commercial sources of information about it.

The Costa Rica cubensis mushroom has a thick secondary veil that separates from the stem at maturity, remaining on the cap rather than the stem. It is dark in color.

Side Effects of Costa Rican Cubensis.

At higher doses, psilocybin causes hallucinations, altered cognitive patterns (sometimes involving significant personal or spiritual breakthroughs), and emotional changes (usually euphoria). Although sustained highs are conceivable, the effects begin around a half-hour after ingestion and often last six to eight hours. Psilocybe cubensis strains generally only differ in potency, not in the effects they produce; nonetheless, some users think that the high’s quality or the way hallucinations seem can vary. Regarding the effects of the Costa Rican strain, there aren’t many specific claims.

Potency Of Shroom Costa Rican Cubensis.

The majority of users rate the Costa Rican strain as having low potency, making it a decent choice for novices or microdosers.

Be aware that ANY psilocybin mushroom can produce a powerful experience; you just need to consume more of them to do so.

Dosage Of Costa Rican Cubensis Mushrooms In Europe.

Many people are familiar with three to five dosage categories, ranging from microdose (which is only mildly mind-altering and not hallucinogenic), to beginner (mildly hallucinogenic), all the way up to “heroic” doses, which temporarily cause the self to disintegrate and are terrifying for those who are not prepared for them. All categories are present in all psilocybin mushrooms; the doses merely need to be a little higher with a low-potency variety like the Costa Rican strain.


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