Ecuador Cubensis Mushrooms

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Ecuador Cubensis Mushrooms
Ecuador Cubensis Mushrooms

Ecuador Cubensis Mushrooms For Sale

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Europe psilocybe shrooms online from Ecuador. Psilocybe cubensis, also referred to as the Ecuadorian magic mushroom or Ecuador cubensis, is a well-known psilocybin-containing fungus. The Psilocybe cubensis, arguably the most majestic of all Psilocybes, and the Ecuadorian cubensis appear to be morphologically and behaviorally identical. Due to their enormous size, bell-shaped cap with golden hue, well-formed and persistent ring, bluing reaction of stem and veil upon bruising, and fondness for well-manured fields, both of these mushrooms can be easily distinguished.

The presence of psilocybin and psilocin in Ecuador cubensis sets it apart from other psilocybin mushroom species. One of the most potent psilocybin-containing mushrooms is said to be Ecuador cubensis, from which you may get magic mushroom spores online.

Sale of mushrooms from Ecuador. However, Psilocybe cubensis was discovered by Spaniards during the colonial era and was taxonomically identified during the 1900s. Unfortunately, the taxonomic history of the Ecuadorian strain is unknown. Although it shares the hallucinogenicity and ease of cultivation of its progenitor, the Ecuadorian cubensis is a much less popular and cultivated variety.

Identification and Description | Buy Magic Ecuador Cubensis Mushrooms Spores Online.

The Ecuadorian cubensis strain is morphologically identical to Psilocybe cubensis, as was already mentioned. As a result, Ecuador cubensis fits the criteria for both Psilocybe cubensis identification and description.

It can be challenging to tell Psilocybe mushrooms apart from one another and from closely related species like Galerina, Hypholoma, and Stropharia. The biggest worry is that this species will be mistakenly identified and confused with toxic species that seem similar. Therefore, it is essential for safety that you are aware of the macroscopic and microscopic morphologic characteristics of the Ecuadorian psilocybe.

The diameter of this species’ crown ranges from 2 to 8 cm. Initially, it has a middle knob, or umbo, and is conical to bell-shaped. The cap, on the other hand, gets flatter as it ages, going from convex to broadly convex to flat-topped with or without the umbo. When a mushroom is young, its cap is chestnut or cinnamon-brown; as it ages, it turns light or golden brown. The cap’s surface is smooth to viscid when wet, but it quickly dries. On the cap, the veil frequently leaves behind speckly residues that eventually disappear to reveal a smooth surface.
Body: This species’ flesh, like that of other psilocybes, turns blue when cut or injured.

The Look-Alikes – Buy Magic Ecuador Cubensis Mushrooms Spores in Europe.

Buying psilocybin mushrooms in Ecuador. The most important distinction needs to be made between Ecuador cubensis and poisonous species that resemble it, even though it should be separated from other psilocybe-containing species and its almost identical counterpart Psilocin subcubensis. One such species is Galerina autumnalis, which may be purchased online and is available in Europe, the United States, Asia, etc.

Potency Of Ecuador Psilocybe Ecuador Cubensis Mushrooms In Europe.

The Ecuadorian cubensis has a moderate to strong comparative potency on the psylometric scale.

It is unknown what percentage of psilocin and psilocybin Ecuador cubensis contains. Furthermore, it appears that mushrooms collected from the wild are less potent than mushrooms grown artificially.

Since it is clear that the potency of these mushrooms can vary greatly, it is better to err on the side of caution and only use modest doses at first. Keep in mind that you can always take more but never less!

Side Effects Of Ecuador Cubensis Mushrooms In Europe.

Trip effects from Ecuadorian cubensis include both subjective mental and concrete physical symptoms and indicators. Although they can last up to 12 to 24 hours, these effects often start to show 20 to 30 minutes after administration and last for 6 to 8 hours.

The majority of users think the main effects, which involve the central nervous system (CNS), are pleasant. It’s unfortunate that some users could have horrifying dysphoric reactions or “bad trips” that might cause great dread, insanity, or despair.

Increased heart rate, elevated blood pressure, dry mouth, pupillary dilation, facial flushing, headache, vertigo, nausea, vomiting, sweating, high body temperature, incoherent or inappropriate speech, drowsiness, and facial paresthesias like numbness are all objective physical symptoms of psilocybin ingestion.

When used in extremely small doses, Ecuador cubensis’ pharmacologic effects are neither toxic nor fatal.

Alcohol, cannabis, and amphetamines are just a few examples of drugs that shouldn’t be used with the usage of psychoactive mushrooms since they all have similar affects on a person’s mood, thought, and behavior and can generate “exaggerated” effects that can be harmful to the user.

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